Wheel Balancing

The first sign of out of balance wheels is the vibration that can be felt in the steering, seat or floorboard when you are driving, especially at high speeds. Similar to misaligned wheel, unbalance wheels can be caused by uneven tyre wear, vehicle hitting a curb or a pothole etc. The damage to a tyre can cause one section of the tire to be heavier than the other sections.

In order to compensate this uneven distribution of weight, small balancing weights made of lead, steel or zinc are added to the wheel to balance out the weight distribution. This is done by balancing the wheel on a spinning machine to locate the heavier part. A counter weight is then placed opposite to the heavier part to balance it – this is wheel balancing. Wheel balancing reduces the tyre bounce and assures you a smoother and safer ride.

It also improves the lifespan of the tyre and the fuel efficiency. Wheel balancing is recommended to be done after 10000 kms for running the vehicle. If you sense any symptoms of disbalanced wheels, look no further than our professional dealers. They have the knowhow, right equipment and an expert team to treat you wheels with the best services possible.