Tyre Rotation

As you drive your tyres wear out unevenly. Tyre rotation is changing the position of your tyres for more even wear so that they last longer. Front tyres are used for braking and steering. So, they get worn out quickly. Hence, after a period of one year or approximately every 10,000 km they need to be rotated. Rotation helps you to maintain the traction you need to drive more safely and helps increase the life of your tyres.

It is recommended to rotate tyres every 5,000 to 10,000 kms. But, you can check in your owner’s manual or with your dealer to know when you can rotate the tyres.

All tyres wear up eventually. However, the way you drive can also help you to reduce wear. Wherever possible avoid accelerating too quickly, braking too heavily, cornering too sharply and check your tyre pressure regularly. Since, tyre rotation is important for smooth functioning of your vehicle be sure to visit one of the tyre dealers closest to your location. A professional dealer from our network is your best bet for high-quality tyre repair and replacement services.