Puncture Repair

You are driving along your way and suddenly you experience your car pulling to one side of the road. High chances are that you have a punctured tyre. A puncture in your tyre makes handling and steering your vehicle difficult especially, if you are riding on tube tyres.

Puncture can be caused due to external objects like nails, glass objects, debris, screw, bolts, sharp rocks etc. Another cause is low or incorrect trye pressure. When you are driving on tube tyres you will easily notice the puncture but on tubeless tyres you might not notice it at first. However, there are some signs that indicate to you your tyres have suffered a puncture.

  1. Your wheels wobble down the road as you drive
  2. Your car pulls towards the right or left side
  3. You find it difficult to steer
  4. If unfortunately, you have a severe puncture or a tyre burst, your car suddenly deviates to the left or right.

What to do if you have punctured tyres?

  1. Replace the punctured tyre with the spare tyre that you have. It is extremely important to maintain and keep a spare tyre handy. It will save you from getting stranded in the middle of the road due uncalled situations like a sudden tyre puncture. But, remember to replace your spare tyre immediately if it is a space saver spare tyre. A space saver is only meant to help you reach the nearest tyre dealer. Click here to know more about spare tyres and their limitations.
  2.  If you don’t have a spare tyre, carefully pull your vehicle to the side of the road and call for roadside assistance. If you are using tubeless tyres and the puncture is mild, drive to the nearest tyre shop and get your punctured tyre repaired. Some tips on what to do if you suffer a tyre burst are mentioned here – How To Drive Through A Tyre Burst .
  3. Get your punctured tyre assessed from a seasoned tyre technician. Get it repaired if possible. But, depending on the position and the severity of the puncture, you might require a tyre replacement. In this case, you can find the finest quality tyres from the world’s trusted brands like Michelin and many more at tyre dealers near.
  4. Furthermore, runflat technology tyres originally developed by Michelin for your safety are available to help you drive on a flat tyre for a limited distance at limited speed. Be sure to check out these runflat technology tyres – Michelin Zero Pressure Tyres when you visit a tyre dealer.